The end and the beginning of another chapter by Luis Ángel Salazar

Time flies and never comes back; these three years of middle school have rushed by. I have the opportunity of sharing these thoughts as a group and want to share them with to all of you. As a wise Chinese man once said, “A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark.” This is very true, as a school you have left many marks on the piece of paper we carry. Every mark might not be good, but all of them helped to define who we are.

Learning is one of the most essential activities that a person must do in their life, and thanks to what teachers gave us, we had the opportunity to choose where we wanted to go to continue this process. We may not be the best class or even the best students, but even so we want to show our gratitude for what you gave us in this speech. I have had many teachers. Some I cannot even remember and, I want to thank them too.

Science, Math, Literature, Spanish or other subjects are not the only thing we learned, we are taking more important things such as experiences that have created long lasting memories. Memories help us remember the best or most dramatic experiences of our lives. But memories need to be used to learn and to keep going, because time never stops and when you come to the realization of who you have become, you see how fast time has gone by.

In these past three years we have had many experiences so the feelings of excitement and regret are innumerable. We may have met challenges during these

last years, and every time we look to our future together what we see is each other’s face, but what we feel is the sincere heart of each other. For those whom we have hurt, we hope to say sorry to you at the end, for those who have given love and warmth we express our sincerest gratitude. Thank you for supporting us in times of difficulties, for comforting us in times of frustration, sharing your joy when we were happy and the tears when we were sad.

I have just talked about my friends and my teachers but parents have been most important in coming to this day. You, our parents, have made this possible. You were the ones who chose this school for our education. You were the ones who helped us when we felt overwhelmed with homework or that we did not feel happy. You gave us a room to sleep and to feel safe. So I cannot thank you enough for what you have done. This day is not only our, it is for all of us including you parents, because we made it thanks to you.

Luis Ángel Salazar